Cheap OSVR HDK 1.4 comfort improvement

After a long while spent on non-geek activities, I’m back, and this time (only?) in Shakespeare’s tongue. For those who understand it enough to understand they don’t understand it, but not enough to read this article (really?), please shout.

In short, I purchased an OVSR HDK 1.4 and I was clearly disappointed by the HMD (aka head mounted display) comfort, really a pain to hold for more than a minute. I tested some months ago Oculus Rift DK2, and DK2 was clearly putting much less stress on the face.

Also, the lens are really too close to the eyes, and I couldn’t see things sharp.

Actually, I did a small youtube video to show original foam padding provided in the kit:

Very thin padding, indeed. Here is a photo:


So I did quick (<40min in total) assembling&sewing to get a much more comfortable HMD, for ~14 euros.




  • What should I buy at my favorite DIY shop ?

1) insulation tape : needs to be thick, I picked ~17mm thick garage isolation (~6 €)


2) velcro tape (7 €)


3) microfiber rag (~1 €)


  • measure correct length of isolation tape and cut it


  • cut a 2nd bit of isolation tape, same length
  • cut velcro tape to get same length again, then stick it to one isolation tape only


  • stick the two isolation tapes to each other


  • now the lengthy part, if you are not used to do sewing: sew the microfiber rag to one side of velcro



Cut the rag so that you can turn it over the other side of the velcro:


  • Et voilà:


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